What is Rohevik?

Rohevik is a green economy forum that was launched in 2011 by the Estonian office of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Rohevik looks to the kind of future that will be built on economical and environmentally friendly ways of life in the Nordic countries and Baltic States.

The word ‘forum’ comes from Latin, in which it described a city square where the people of the city would gather. It was the political and business heart of the city, and was the location of the court. In this sense it is the perfect term to use for the Rohevik festival, since the event brings together politicians, business operators and experts to discuss how a sustainable way of life can be achieved in the Baltic Sea region.

The topics of Rohevik cover all areas of the green economy and environmentally friendly ways of life. Whether the spotlight is on environmental and energy technologies, urban planning, the bioeconomy, sustainable transportation or issues of the energy market depends on the interests of the partners and the significance of the topic. We keep an eye on trends and welcome suggestions regarding topics and cooperation.

The circle of organisers of Rohevik changes over time, but our permanent partners with whom we have been organising Rohevik since 2011 are the most important: the City of Tartu, the Association of Local Authorities in Tartu County, Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Tartu Science Park and the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

In the name of organisers,

Madis Tilga
Adviser for the Nordic Counsil of Ministers' Office in Estonia